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Cuddle Catcher

How to make this Cuddle Catcher:

1. Print & cut around outside of the cuddle catcher.

2. Fold in half & in half again.

3. Open out, turn over so the top is blank & fold each corner into the middle.

4. Turn over & repeat.

5. Turn over so you can see the pictures.

6. Slide your thumb & your finger behind two of the pictures & press together so they bend around & touch.

7. Turn over & repeat with the thumb & finger of the other hand for the other two pictures.

8. All the pictures should now be at the front with centers touching. You are ready to use your cuddle catcher.

Cuddle Catcher Cutout
How to use this Cuddle Catcher:
  1. Find a cuddle partner and ask them to pick a color from the top flaps.

  2. Spell out the color (Navy Blue, Purple, Sky Blue, Green), opening and closing the cuddle catcher along with the letters.

  3. Stop at the last letter to reveal some of the numbers on the flaps. Ask your cuddle partner to pick one.

  4. Open and close the Cuddle Catcher while counting out the number picked on step 3

  5. Once you finish, get the other player to pick another number from the panels, flip it up, and read the cuddle instructions.

  6. For example, a Holding Hands Cuddle Position could be Stargazer!

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